John Jack Funk

    Grand Masters

  • Current bike - Santa Cruz tallboy
  • Previous Participation at MTB H - Yes
  • Age - At last count 60
  • Nationality- Canadian
  • Top Wins
    LIMBC 2nd pl. horizon years 2014
    Baja Epic old boys 2nd pl
    7 podiums out of 8 races in the Bow 80 near death division
  • Personal Favourite Race:
    Himalayan Challenge.
John Jack Funk is participating in Grand Masters category in MTB Himalaya race this year. When asked about his top wins, 60-year-old John mentions, “My first win is marrying my wife, second getting snowed in a climbing hut in New Zealand and creating our first born, third figuring out how to feed the first born, fourth having the second child and so on. If you mean bike races, the Himalayan challenge in old  category 2012; 2014, just because my friends were nice to me and they let me win. Others include LIMBC 2nd pl. horizon years 2014, Baja Epic old boys, 7 podiums out of 8 races in the Bow 80 near death division.”

Kingfisher Beer motivates Jack the most and it lacks it scares him the most. “Everyday is interesting at the MTB Himalaya, that is the reason why we all keep coming back!”, shares Funk. “I love your Country and Incredible India is an understatement!”,writes John about India.

John is training hard for MTB,mostly by watching the Tour of Spain. That is certainly a tough job to do!